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2011 Editorial Calendar

January/February 2011: Improving Quality in Your Practice

Best practices for your office addressing compliance issues, evidence-based practices, and efficiency measures.

  • The Quality Connection
  • Evidence-based Practices
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Outcomes Measures and Other Tools
  • Reducing Risk

March/April 2011: EHRs: HITECH and Your Practice

Learn more about how HITECH, the federal EHR subsidy program, can affect your practice’s systems and what you need to do before HITECH incentives are replaced with Medicare and Medicaid payment penalties starting in 2016.

  • A Guide to HITECH
  • Choosing a System
  • Achieving Meaningful Use
  • Making Connections
  • Working With an REC

May/June 2011: Preparing for Healthcare Reform

Are you ready for the impacts of healthcare reform? Learn what’s about to change, the timeline, and what you should be doing now to prepare.

  • The Affect on Primary Care
  • Understanding New Reimbursement Rules
  • Evaluating, Restructuring Your Systems
  • Tips for a Successful Strategy
  • Meeting Regulatory Challenges
  • Looking Ahead

July/August 2011: Managing Your Practice’s Money

Keep your practice profitable by staying up to date on the latest thinking of today’s critical topics in money management. Discover the nuts and bolts of successful payer and patient relationships that can increase your receivables, from payment plans and fee schedules, to winning collection strategies.

  • Challenges to Profitability
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Coding and Billing Tips
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • PQRI and Other Regulatory Programs
  • Staffing and Other Issues

September/October 2011: Your Practice and Mid-level Staff

Find out how what options your practice has for using mid-level staff, how to best create your mix for optimal cost savings and quality care, and examples of how that team will affect everyday practice.

  • Do You Need Mid-level Providers?
  • Understanding Your Options
  • Setting Up a New System
  • Salary, Costs, and Cost Effectiveness
  • Evaluating Productivity
  • Meeting Challenges

November/December 2011: Finding Balance

As the pressures of practice continue to mount, it’s more critical than ever to manage the stress of everyday practice. Read about techniques and strategies that can help you avoid or treat burnout as well as rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.

  • Time for a Change?
  • Tools for Stress Management
  • 10 Tips for the Office
  • 10 Tips for Home
  • Part-time Practice and Other Options
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