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Bridging the gap…between the business of medicine and the practice of medicine.

Mission Statement

Bridging the gap between the business of medicine and the practice of medicine

Doctor’s Digest tackles the complex practice-management problems that physicians say distract them from patient care and diminish professional satisfaction. These easy-to-follow, single topic manuals draw on the expertise of thought leaders and experts in their respective fields to provide solutions to such intricate issues as medical errors, physician-patient communications, optimal reimbursement, technology and life-work balance. They provide the information that physicians need to know to thrive both professionally and personally—information that is not taught in medical school.

We pledge to enter into a true dialogue with our readers, be responsive to their informational needs, and deliver quality editorial in a timely manner.

Six times a year, Doctor’s Digest delivers a wealth of in-depth information to physicians in a digest-sized reference guidebook. These guides provide information and advice that helps doctors run their practices and personal lives more efficiently.

The Doctor’s Digest is designed to transform complex business, practice and personal strategies into easy-to-follow concepts for physicians and other allied healthcare professionals.

As we move forward into 2010, our digest-sized reference guides will focus specifically on topics such as: How to Error-proof Your Practice, Health Information Technology, Becoming a 5-Star Practice, Human Resources, Work-Life Balance and Your Office in 2015.

This “all-in-one” approach to important personal and practice management information has proven appealing to physicians at various stages of their careers.

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