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  • Top-tier Communication—Sep/Oct 2010
    The Impact of Effective Communication
    How to Build Rapport
    Handling Difficult Encounters
    Technology and Communication
    The Legal Aspect of Communications
  • Human Resources—Jul/Aug 2010
    Your Role in HR Management
    Hiring for Exceptional Results
    Managing for Peak Staff Performance
    Retaining Valuable Employees
    Managing Staff Departures



  • Ethics in Medicine—Nov/Dec 2008
    A Framework for the Medical Profession
    Ethical Challenges in Everyday Practice
    New Ethical Dilemmas Addressing Physician Incompetence
    Ethics and the Law
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Diagnosis Coding Part 2—Optimized Code Selection
  • Raise Your Scores—Sept/Oct 2008
    A New Era of Measurement
    The Players
    The Role of Technology
    Real-Life Quality Measurement Projects
    Patient Satisfaction Measures
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Diagnosis Coding Part I—Best Practices
  • Technology for Patient and Practice—July/Aug 2008
    Enhancing Practice Effectiveness
    Choosing Hardware and Software
    Technology to Improve Patient Care
    The Next Step: Advanced Functions
    A Connected Future?
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Coding for Skin Lesions
  • Small Practice Survival Guide—May/Jun 2008
    Top Challenge: Reimbursement
    Insurance and Financial Planning
    Making Tech Dollars Count
    The Right Staff
    Expense Management
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Coding for Counseling
  • Reducing Practice Risk—Mar/Apr 2008
    Sizing Up Risk
    Reducing Medication Errors
    Improving Patient Communication
    Getting Documentation Right
    Getting the Most from Your EMR
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Combining Problem and Preventive Visits
  • Consumer-driven Healthcare—Jan/Feb 2008
    Diagnosing the Health Insurance Problem
    Is CDHC the Cure?
    Patients as Decision Makers
    Reimbursement and Other Practice Challenges
    CDHC Prognosis
    Pocket Coding Advisor: It’s a Matter of Time: Billing for Prolonged Services


  • Personal & Professional Growth—Nov/Dec 2007
    The Future of Medicine
    Personal Growth Feeds Professional Development
    New Practice Options
    Flextime Arrangements
    Lifelong Learning
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Coding Chronic Conditions
  • Health Policy Review—Sept/Oct 2007
    Medicare and the SGR Formula
    Medical Liability Reform
    The Uninsured
    Medicaid, SCHIP, and State Reforms
    Medical Research
    Pocket Coding Advisor: A Look at Observation Codes
  • Emergency Planning—July/Aug 2007
    What Does It Take To Be Prepared?
    Proactive Measures
    The Prepared Office
    Is Flu Pandemic Likely?
    The Home Front
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Coding Medicare Well-woman Exams
  • Financial Visioning—May/June 2007
    Defining Your Financial Vision
    Using Values to Set Priorities
    Mathcing Your Money Personality to Your Investments
    Tools to Attain Your Personal Goals
    Leaving a Legacy
    Pocket Coding Advisor: 99213 or 99214? Solve the Dilemma
  • Optimize Your Practice—Mar/Apr 2007
    Positioning Your Practice
    Setting Up Your Systems
    Money Matters–Generating Income
    Money Matters–Managing Expenses
    Creating the Peak-Performance Office
    Pocket Coding Advisor: Reimbursement for Telephone Care
  • Evidence-Based Medicine—Jan/Feb 2007
    Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine
    Implementation: Advantages and Challenges
    Effects on the Cost of Practicing Medicine
    Weighing Medical Evidence
    EBM and the Physician-Patient Relationship


  • Guide to Well-Being—Nov/Dec 2006
    Taking The Lead
    Back To Basics: Diet And Exercise
    Effective Stress Management
    Volunteer Work: A Legacy Of Caring
    Rediscover The Joy Of Medicine
  • Surviving the Malpractice Crisis—Sept/Oct 2006
    Avoiding Errors And System Breakdowns
    Purchasing The Right Malpractice Insurance
    Staying Out Of Court
    When A Lawsuit Happens
    Responses And Solutions To The Crisis
  • Patient-Physician Communication—July/Aug 2006
    Impact Of Communications On Health Outcomes
    Patient Communication: From Check-In To Check-Out
    Breaking Down Barriers To Effective Communication
    Crisis Situations Call For Clear Communication
    Digital Tools Can Enhance Flow Of Information
  • Managing Your Practice—May/June 2006
    Patient-Centered Strategies For Building Your Practice
    Polish Your Practice’s Image With Creative Marketing
    Maximizing Income While Controlling Costs
    Personnel Mistakes Can Be Costly For Practices
    Getting The Best Deal On Medical Equipment
  • Financial Planning—Mar/Apr 2006
    Draw Up A Plan To Meet Your Financial Needs
    Reduce Your Risks With Insurance Coverage
    Building A Balanced Investment Portfolio
    Start Early To Build Savings For College
    Doctors Have Many Options For Retirement Savings
  • Technology in Practice—Jan/Feb 2006
    Making The Case For Electronic Health Records?
    Factors To Consider When Selecting A System
    Making The Transition: Rethinking Workflows
    Access Data From Anywhere With Handheld Devices
    Internet Seen Transforming Research, Communications


  • Finding Work-Life Balance—Nov/Dec 2005
    Stress Is An Occupational Hazard For Physicians
    Don’t Let Time Killers Fly Under The Radar
    Balancing Demands Of Work And Family
    ‘Physician, Heal Thyself’ By Managing Stress
    Recognize The Signs Of Career Burnout
  • Physician’s Legal Handbook—Sept/Oct 2005
    Dealing With Rising Malpractice Premiums
    Protecting Your Practice And Holdings
    Stay On The Right Side Of Employment Laws
    Regulatory Issues Present Burdens For Practices
    What You Need To Know Before Signing Contracts
  • Resolving Practice Dilemmas—July/Aug 2005
    Dealing With Breakdowns In Communications
    Difficult Patients Present Challenges For Practices
    How To Handle Problems With Employees
    Taking The High Road In Ethical Conflicts
    Strategies For Managing All Types Of Crises
  • Retirement Planning—May/June 2005
    Planning Ahead Key To Secure Retirement
    Picking The Right Plan For Your Practice
    Investing For Yourself And Your Employees
    Making The Most Of IRA Rollovers
    Exit Strategies: Planning For Practice Succession
  • Maximizing Practice Profits—Mar/Apr 2005
    Streamlining Practice To Boost Cash Flow
    Managed-Care Contracts: What You Need To Know
    Making The Most Of Medicare And Medicade
    Ancillary Services Can Increase Revenues
    Squeezing Out Savings In Overhead Costs
  • Error Proofing Your Practice—Jan/Feb 2005
    Are We Making Progress in Cutting Medical Errors?
    Stopping Errors At Their Source
    Creating A Culture Of Safety In Your Practice
    Technology To The Rescue
    Should Errors Be Fully Disclosed?