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Mar / Apr 2007: Optimize Your Practice

Optimize Your Practice

While focusing on profit may appear to run counter to many physicians’ goal of excellent patient care, practice management pundits urge physicians to remember that you can’t entirely separate the business of medicine from the practice of medicine.

Whether you’re starting a practice, growing a practice, or downsizing in preparation for retirement; whether you’re a managing partner or one of many employee physicians in a large practice, understanding the business aspects of medical practice can help you do your job more effectively.

According to a 2005 survey by American Express, 89 percent of responding physicians found the dual role of practicing medicine and managing a practice was challenging. Nearly three-quarters felt that more training in financial management would increase their efficiency.

That’s what this issue of Doctor’s Digest is all about: providing the information you need to set up, streamline, and optimize your practice for profitability, productivity, and ultimately premium patient care.

In This Issue:

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